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Letterhead printing in the UK - call us on 01635 255 552
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Our standard letterhead material is a top-quality 120gsm ultra white laser/inkjet-guaranteed Bond, which is perfect for most situations and printers.

We offer a range of letterhead material including Conqueror©. The most popular 'flavour' is brilliant white wove, which is ideal for desktop printers etc.
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120gsm Quality Product
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Lithographic Printing (ink)
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Reliable Service
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Competitve prices
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No hidden extras
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FREE delivery in UK
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Recycled Paper Available
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Check with us if you need prices for other combinations.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the quality of our letterheads.
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Number of Colours
1 colour
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2 colours
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3 colours
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4 colours
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= Spot Colour Prices
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= 4 Colour Prices
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Above prices based on A4 size letterheads (210mm x 297mm) and are + VAT.

A5 letterheads are also available. Check with us if you need prices for other combinations.



Ready to order?

Why not get your Compliment Slips printed at the same time to save costs. We can quickly create the artwork for you, based on your letterhead design. Call us on: 01635 255 552 to see how we can help.

Need something a bit more special?

Why not consider having the Thermographic (raised print) process on part or all of your letterhead. Call us for details, samples or prices.

Join our other satisfied clients and request a quotation today!
Contact us here with your Letterhead query or samples
We will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible
You can also call us on: 01635 255 552
Letterhead information

There are some excellent alternatives to the Conqueror© range which unfortunately now carries a small premium. If it's important for you to get excellent results from overprinting your letterheads on a laser/inkjet/deskjet printer then we would recommend material other than Conqueror©, such as our standard 120gsm laser bond letterhead.

Please ask for samples.


Is Artwork/Design included in the price?

Unfortunately no. However, we do have a very experienced design team in-house who can help prepare any artwork required at a sensible and realistic cost. Whether it's brochures, flyers, letterheads or even a company logo, we have the expertise required.

We strive to keep any artwork costs to a minimum and will advise the cost once we receive your info.


After you've received my artwork, will I see a proof?

Yes. We will first check your artwork onscreen and then create a PDF proof through our software and then email you the file for final checking. Press proofs are not available for business cards due to the expense involved in creating them, and are usually reserved for brochure/magazine work, or other colour-critical material.


Will the colour(s) I see on your PDF proof print exactly as I see them onscreen?

Generally, no! Some colours are fairly representative whereas others are a long way off. The monitor you view your proof on is a device that mixes colours using red, green and blue (RGB). Without getting too technical, if your monitor has not been calibrated to display a Pantone® colour, then it's unlikely you will see an accurate representation.

If choosing one or more specific spot colours (for branding purposes etc.) then it's essential the colours are chosen from a printed Pantone® swatch, unless you know your screen is accurately calibrated.

An example - if you were to select Pantone® Violet in your graphics program, it's very likely that this will show as a 'blue' onscreen. If you were then to look at Pantone® Violet in a Pantone® swatch you'll see that the true colour is actually a rich purple. It follows that if you'd selected this colour for your design from what you see onscreen (blue), then it's very likely that you won't be happy with the final printed results (purple).

If you don't have access to a Pantone® swatch or just need some advice before sending in your artwork, please contact Debbie on: 01635 255 552 who will be happy to help.


I'm not sure what spot colour has been used on my stationery. Can you help?

Yes. If you'd like to send us a copy of your business card, letterhead or any other item that needs matching to, we'll find the Pantone® colour nearest to your sample and advise you. (Pantone® is a colour matching system used throughout the commercial printing industry).

If you need to send us an existing business card or letterhead etc. to match to, then please send to:

Castle Print & Design
c/o The Roman Group, Centurion House, Woodside Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset BH5 2BA


From a legal perspective, what information do I need to put on my letterhead?

Sole Traders

You must include your own name and business address on letterheads if you choose a business name that is not your own name.


The names of all partners and the address of the principal office must be included on letterheads. If there are a number of partners then it is acceptable to show where a list of partners may be found.

Limited Companies

Letterheads must include the registered company name, registration number, company registered address and the address of its place of business, if different. If one director is named on the letterhead then all of the directors names must also be included.

Please visit this page Legal Requirements for your Stationery for more information on what should be included on your letterhead.

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Spot Colour Printing

spot colour letterhead printing

Spot colours are individually-mixed inks that are chosen from a colour swatch. The industry-standard colour model is supplied by Pantone ©.

Spot colours are used in situations where colour accuracy is essential, e.g. corporate logos.

They can also be added to 4 colour work such as marketing materials to preserve the colour accuracy of the brand.

For a more in-depth explanation, please see here: Spot Colours Explained

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CMYK Printing

- a.k.a. 4 colour printing, full colour printing

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Process colours are normally used where continuous tones (such as in photographs) are required.

The primary colours Cyan , Magenta & Yellow are mixed with Black to produce the full range of colours.

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"Just to let you know I received the business cards and compliment slips yesterday. Thanks for your help. I'm delighted with the quality. If I can pass some business your way in the future I will."

Kenny King
Ixisys -


Castle Print & Design in partnership with:

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"I don't normally have the time to shop around too much, but was very happy with your prices and service. The logo you designed for us has been very well received. Look forward to many years of continued business."

Steve Thompson
Horizon Electrical

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